Signing up using your Google account

You can register and log into WeSchool in a few clicks using your Google account. You can use either your private Google account ( or a Google Workspace account, provided by your school or the company you work for.

PLEASE NOTE: signing up using a Google account is only available for adult users (over 18 years old). Click here to read about underage user registration.

Signing up using your Google account

You can register through your Google profile from both the Login page and the Registration page. Click on Sign in with Google to start signing up:


Now you can enter the email address and password of your Google account. The credentials remain stored, so you will only have to enter them at your first access:


Finally, fill in your data and accept the terms and conditions of the platform (only the first check is mandatory). Then click on Register:


PLEASE NOTE: in this form you can edit your name and surname, while it is not possible to edit the email address as it belongs to the Google account you have chosen to sign up with.

Signing in using your Google account

Once your profile has been created, you can access WeSchool byjust clicking on the Sign in with Google button from the Login page:Help_Desk___Knowledge_Base___User_Registration__Screenshot.png

PLEASE NOTE: if you are registered using a Google account, you do not have to fill in the email and password fields to log into WeSchool. Moreover, it is not possible to request a password reset: to log in you have to enter just your Google account credentials only after clicking Sign in with Google.

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