Logo and color customization

WeSchool enables organizations to customize the logo and colors of different components of the platform, therefore they can tailor WeSchool graphic appearance to their own brand identity

ATTENTION: this feature is available only for the Pro and Enterprise plans

You can customize:

Custom Login and Registration pages

The customization of these components allows you to insert the company logo and choose the colors of the buttons and the background. This customization helps users recognize the brand of the company from the first registration:


To customize these pages, you can access the General Settings of the Dashboard. From the Login and Registration section you can add or change a custom logo and edit the background color and the buttons’ colors: 


ATTENTION: only the Admin of the organization or authorized users can access the Dashboard.

Custom in-app components

You can request the personalization of the header and sidebar color, as well as of the name and cover of the Groups and of the logo of the project or company as a Group icon:


To have a custom header and sidebar color, you need to contact sales@weschool.com indicating the colors to customize these components with (it is necessary to provide the hexadecimal - or hex - codes of the colors to be used).

Name, cover image and Group icon can be customized by each Tutor from the settings of each Group. On the other hand, from the Dashboard admin can set the cover image and Group icon of all the Groups belonging to the organization.


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