How to get WeSchool Pro Features

What Pro Features are available?

WeSchool provides advanced features to customize the learning experience and monitor instructors' and students’ activities through advanced data analytics.

WeSchool Pro Features include:

  • Management Dashboard, a tool to configure your organization’s Groups and users and monitor the engagement in educational activities through easy-to-consult data and graphics

  • Board with video that enables to hold a live remote lesson directly through the WeSchool Board

  • Logo and color customization that brings your brand to the platform through the graphic customization of different pages and components

  • Advanced Learning Analytics allows you to regularly receive in-detail reports with an overview of all the organization users’ activities within the platform

ATTENTION: the Management Dashboard is free of charge for public and private schools that request it and for their teachers and learners.

How to get WeSchool Pro Features?

These advanced features are included in the Pro plan and the Enterprise plan, while they are not available for the Free plan and the Lite plan.

Click here to request these features and activate the Pro and Enterprise plans.

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