How to customize a Module

You can choose how learners enjoy a Module based on the method and teaching objectives that you have identified through the Module personalization sidebar.
For example, here you can set access requirements to a Module to lead the work independently and carry out a well-defined learning path, or facilitate collaboration during group work through an Open Module. 

You can open the sidebar by clicking on the three dots icon, which you will find in the top right within the Module.


Alternatively, you will find the three dots in the Module preview, again in the top right:

From this sidebar you can:

  • Edit the title of a Module
  • Turn the Module into a draft, which the learners will not be able to see. A Module in drafts may be useful in order to make consistent edits, or to archive it. Conversely, if the Module is a draft, you can post it through the same button
  • Indicate the color of the Module preview by clicking on the square of the chosen color. You can use colors to distinguish the Modules from each other at a glance, for example, allocating the same color to Modules of a certain discipline or teaching unit:


  • Make Modules mandatory or optional: A mandatory Module will be counted among the activities to be undertaken, which the learner will see from their Progress in the Modules section; conversely, an Optional Module will not be calculated within the activities to be undertaken and will instead be counted under the label “Optional” on the preview.
    Click the switch to edit the settings:


PLEASE NOTE: a Module is automatically set as mandatory.

  • Set access requirements to a Module by selecting the Modules to be completed from the dropdown menu; click here to read the tutorial on requirements settings
  • Add a Goal for the completion of a Module and insert a personalized message which the learner will see after completing the Module. Remember that a Module is completed if the learner has viewed all their content and passed the Assessments - if there are any - with a grade of 6 or higher. A Module with a goal is indicated by the colored bookmark with the crown icon inside.

Click the switch to add the Module completion message:

  • Make the Module Open and allow learners to enter new content independently by clicking the adjacent switch, you can read more here on the differences between Open Modules and Closed Modules

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