Customize the notifications from a Group

From your WeSchool Group, you can directly manage which notifications to receive for this specific Group by customizing the settings for each Group.
A notification will alert you of a Post published on the Wall, a Live that is about to begin, and any other activity within the Group. Two types of notification are available:

  • in-app notifications update you on what is happening in the Group directly within WeSchool. You can see in-app notifications in the top right by clicking on the bell icon, while the red counter indicates how many notifications you have not read:

PLEASE NOTE: when you open the notification box from within a Group, in any section, you can only see the notifications related to that Group.

  • email notifications are sent to your mailbox and help you to stay updated even if you're not logged into WeSchool

You can manage either in-app or email notifications according to your needs: for example, during a holiday break, you can choose to receive only email notifications or disable email notifications from a Group you daily check.

How to manage notifications of a specific Group

To customize the notifications to receive, enter the Group and click the three dots in the top right; select Manage notifications from the menu:


Here you can see how the Group’s notifications are set up and edit them.

PLEASE NOTE: remember that every user independently decides how to receive their own notifications, regardless of their role in the Group.

For in-app notifications, you can choose to receive:

  • All notifications; remember that this is the default setting
  • only the important notifications (Highlights), which include instructors’ actions in the Group (when an instructor adds content to a Module or publishes a new Test), as well as other interactions that directly involve you, such as a reply to one of your Comments on the Wall or within a Module
  • No notifications

For email notifications, you can choose to receive:

  • All emails; remember that this is the default setting 
  • No emails


At the bottom of the page, you can set the notifications of all Groups page by clicking Manage all notifications:


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