I am a teacher: how to manage Activities from the Calendar

Setting up an Activity can help the learners of a Group organize their time and make educational materials accessible directly from the Calendar and the Wall. For example, you can use an activity for:

  • sharing useful materials for an upcoming Live session or assignment; for example, you can attach a Modulo to get ready for a Test
  • reminding all the learners in the Group of all the course deadlines, such as the date of a Test
  • assigning custom activities: for example, you can attach supplementary materials only for certain learners
  • making teaching more inclusive for learners with special education needs, adding resources such as maps, videos, or podcasts, designed for those with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). Setting a deadline may also help learners with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) who often have difficulty organizing their own time 

PLEASE NOTE: only an Instructor can manage Activities from the Calendar.

In this tutorial you can read how to:

How to create a new Activity

To create an Activity, click on the blue + Create button in the top right of the Calendar section; select Activities from the menu:


In the pop-up window you can set the Activity by choosing:

  • the title
  • the participants; you can create an Activity for every member of your Group, or select individual learners from the drop-down menu
  • the date; you can create an Activity for a specific time, or click on the calendar icon and specify when it should start and finish. By ticking the box All day, the Activity will take up the whole day in the Calendar
  • a Description visible to all the participants. You can use it to preview all the Activity details
  • the attachments, you can add Modules, Tests or content to be viewed to complete the Activity


Click on the Create button to save the Activity and add it to the Calendar:


How to edit or remove an Activity from the Calendar

All the scheduled Activities can be edited (such as changing the time or adding an attachment) or deleted.

Click on the Activity you want to edit on the Calendar; to edit the Activity, click on the pencil icon in the top right; you will then be able to make changes from the dialog box:


Finally, confirm the changes by clicking on the Edit button in the bottom right.

To remove an Activity, click on the Trashcan button in the top right: The Activity will be removed and will no longer be visible on the Calendar:


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