I am a student: how to access the Calendar


The Calendar shows you an overview of all the Live sessions and Activities scheduled by your instructors.
You can also join a Live session directly or view an Activity and its details, like the date, and the attachments:


PLEASE NOTE: only instructors can create a Live session or Activity.

How to Access the Calendar

You can access the Calendar from any section of your Group by clicking on the Calendar button at the top:


You can change the layout, by choosing either the monthly or weekly view by clicking the Month and Week buttons at the top of the screen. You can also navigate from one month to another by clicking on the arrows to the side of the current month:


In addition, from the Group Wall you can preview the Calendar at the bottom right, with a recap of the scheduled Live sessions and Activities:


How to access a Live session from the Calendar

To join a Live session from the Calendar, click on the scheduled Live session and then on the Join button:gif_5_-_partecipare_a_una_Live.gif

You can also join a Live session from the Calendar preview on the Group Wall.

To do so, you can click on the ongoing Live session:

immagine_6_-_Live_in_corso.pngPLEASE NOTE: once you have clicked Join, the video conference service chosen by the instructor for the Live session will open up. Click here to read how to join a Live session through the different video conference services available (such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams)

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