I am a teacher: how to use the Calendar

From the WeSchool Calendar, you can view and organize all the Live sessions and Activities you have planned, edit them, and add helpful content and materials.

The Calendar is accessible to instructors and learners but can only be edited by instructors.

PLEASE NOTE: every Group has its own Calendar.

How to access the Calendar

To access the Calendar from any section of the Group, click on the Calendar button, which you will find in the menu at the top:


You can change the Calendar layout, choosing either the monthly or weekly view. Change the design by clicking the Month and Week buttons at the top; you can also navigate from one month to another by clicking on the arrows to the side of the current month:


By clicking on the single events on the Calendar you can view the details of a scheduled Live session or Activity: the time and the day, its participants, all the attached materials, and the description of the event. 

Preview the Calendar from the Wall

From the Wall you can preview the Calendar from the Upcoming Live and Activities section. Here, you can see a recap of the upcoming Live sessions and Activities and quickly access the Calendar by clicking See all:


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