How to add attachments to a Live session

When you set up a Live session, you can attach files, links, and other educational resources that your learners can view before, during, and after the Live session.

Attaching contents in advance helps learners always have at hand content you have prepared: for example, resources to consult in preparation for a flipped classroom or that complement your lecture

Adding an attachment to a Live session 

To add an attachment, click on the paperclip icon in the bottom left of the Live creation dialog box. 
Select from the dropdown menu which type of content to attach; you can choose between:

  • a Link to a web page or an app to attach an online educational resource, such as a YouTube video
  • a File to add content directly from your device, such as images, PDFs, or presentations
  • an educational resource saved on Google Drive or Dropbox
  • a map from Google Maps
You can always edit the attachments to a Live at a later time by following this tutorial about how to edit a Live session.

Viewing an attachment to a Live session 

Learners can access the attachments from the Group Calendar by clicking on the Live session and then on the attached content:

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