How to schedule a Live session

As well as starting a Live session instantly, you can schedule one through WeSchool, choosing the time and day it will take place.

This will help you set Group Lives on the Calendar in advance, such as a remote lesson with learners, without creating the Live session at the time of its activation. From the Calendar you will also be able to see the day, the start and end time, and other information, such as a description or attachments. Click here to read how to attach content to a Live session.

You can schedule a Live session either from the Wall, at the moment of its creation, or from the Calendar.

How to schedule a Live session from the Wall

To schedule a Live session, click on the + button next to the Calendar preview.
From the next dialog box, click on the calendar icon to edit the start date and time and the end date and time:

From this dialog box, you can also customize the Live session, choosing a title and the Live session participants and adding a description and attachments.
Finally, click on the Create button to schedule the Live session:


PLEASE NOTE: you can also schedule two or more Live sessions for the same day and time. The user will then be able to choose which videoconference to attend.

How to schedule a Live session from Calendar

After opening your Group Calendar, click on the + Create button in the top right and then select Live from the dropdown menu. From the next dialog box edit the start date and time and the end date and time:
Alternatively, you can also schedule the Live by
clicking directly on the day you want to hold the videoconference on the Calendar. In this case, the start date and the end date will be automatically set on the selected day:

Choose the title and participants and add a description and attachments; then set up the Live session by clicking on Create.

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