I am a teacher: how to manage Live sessions from the Calendar

Through the Group Calendar you can:

PLEASE NOTE: only an Instructor can manage Live sessions in the Calendar.

From the Group Calendar, you can also create Activities.

How to create a Live session

You can create a Live session from the Calendar by immediately starting the video conference or planning the Live session for another time. To start a Live session, click on the + Create button in the top right. From the menu select Live, then set up the Live session and choose the title, the video conferencing service, and custom all the other settings:


Click here to read how to create a new Live session. On the other hand, here is the tutorial about scheduling a Live session.

How to edit or remove a Live session from the Calendar

All the planned Live sessions can be edited or, if necessary, deleted: click on the Live session on the Calendar and then click on the pencil icon in the top right of the dialog box. Now you will then be able to edit the Live session from the dialog box, such as changing the time or adding attached content:


Once you’ve made all changes, click on the Edit button in the bottom right.

To remove a Live session, click on the trashcan button in the top right: The event will be eliminated and will no longer be accessible: 


PLEASE NOTE: only the instructor that has created the Live session can edit it and delete it.

Add a Live recording to a Module

If you’ve recorded the video conference in the cloud, you can import the recording from the Calendar to a Module of a Group, where you are an instructor.
This feature enables you to make the recording accessible to everyone in the Group, including those who weren’t able to join the Live session.

PLEASE NOTE: recording a video conference in the cloud depends on your settings and the type of service subscription you started the Live session with. WeSchool currently supports Live recording for the following providers: Google Meet and Zoom.

Once the Live session’s finished, to add the recording to a Module, enter the Calendar and proceed as follows:

  • click on the Live session to view all its details; you can find the recording below Available recordings. Click on the download icon to start the import:immagine_4_-_scaricare_registrazione.png

PLEASE NOTE: depending on the service you’ve launched the Live session with, you may need to wait up to 2 hours to generate the video recording. If you cannot view the recording immediately after the Live session has ended, please try again later.

  • you can now choose the title and the preview of the recording. Click on Choose the Module to continue:


  • finally, to choose the Module to add the recording click on it to select it. You can also search for the Module or filter the list results by Group.
    Add the recording by clicking on the Import button:


PLEASE NOTE: you can import the recording into any Group where you are an instructor.

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