How to comment privately the performance of a Test

When an Assessment has been delivered, both the instructor and the learner can enter comments and create a discussion on the Assessment itself. With this feature, you can help the learner step by step, identify mistakes and give general feedback; the learner, on the other hand, can ask for clarification and explanation. 

Specifically, you can:

  • Explain mistakes and indicate what to revisit by adding a link to a WeSchool Board.
  • Explain mistakes and ask to redo questions with an open answer and with attachment that has not gone well; you will find the tutorial in this link
  • In the case of a Test, which isn’t repeatable, you can explain errors and the final grade
  • In the case of passing a Preliminary Assessment in a Board, you can comment positively and invite them to access the next content; here is the link to set requirements in Boards.

When a comment is sent, you will receive a notification, which is visible from the bell at the top right. 


PLEASE NOTE: Both the instructor and learner can enter the first comment and start the discussion. 

To comment on the test:

  • Open the individual performance from the learner’s Exercise or Test
  • In the right-hand sidebar you can start a conversation. From the speech bubble icon, you can open or close the Sidebar, while the number indicates how many messages are in the conversation


PLEASE NOTE: The comments on an Assessment are private and visible only to the instructor and learner that took the Assessment.

  • Type the message text and click on the Comment button to send the message


PLEASE NOTE: Upon receiving a new message the recipient will receive a notification and, by clicking on it, will be automatically redirected to performing the Assessment. 


As in a chat, you will be able to see the whole exchange of previous messages in the box and eventually edit them by editing on the pencil icon.


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