How to ask learners to submit a new answer

While reviewing an Assessment instructor can ask a learner to submit a new reply to an open-answer question. This feature boosts the personalization of each student’s learning process, by guiding them through individual feedback and in-depth insights.

PLEASE NOTE: asking for a new submission is available only for Open answer and Answer with Attachment question type: 


This tutorial will show:

How to ask for a new submission

Once you’ve reviewed the open-answer reply, click on the toggle next to Open for a new submission. If the toggle is purple, the learner will be able to submit a new reply, then click Review to deliver the correction:


PLEASE NOTE: use the review box to provide meaningful feedback to your students. Here you can add extra resources to help them reach the solution, highlight the pros and cons of their replies or suggest how to improve them. Here you can read how to review an open-answer question.

After the review, you can still see both the learner’s reply as well as your feedback. You can also edit or remove your review:

Once a learner has submitted the reply again, you will receive a notification. Click on it to open the Assessment, then click on the alert to quickly reach the open-answer question:

You can read this tutorial about quickly finding your students’ replies.

Now you can review the learner’s answer again, add new feedback and eventually edit the score. You can also ask for a new submission.

How learners can submit a new answer

When you ask for a new submission, learners will receive a notification. They can reply again by clicking on the notification or from the Assessments section:


In the Assessments section, both Exercises and Tests containing requests for a new submission are highlighted by the SUBMISSION REQUESTED yellow alert:


Learners can read the instructor's feedback, submit a new answer and then click Reply:


PLEASE NOTE: the full history of the conversation, which contains the learner’s answers, feedback, and grades from the instructor, will always be visible both to the instructor and the learner.

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