How to review an open-answer question

This tutorial will show how to review open-answer questions requiring manual revision from an instructor. Here you can read:

PLEASE NOTE: only Open answer and Answer with Attachment question types need an instructor’s review:


Identifying an answer that needs a review

All Assessments containing a question that requires an instructor’s corrections are highlighted by this NEED REVIEW yellow alert in the Assessments section: 

You can also quickly identify them from the Record, where you can filter Exercises and Tests containing open-answer questions still to be graded from the top menu. Unreviewed questions are also highlighted by this ⚠ alert:


Here’s a guide about the Record and how to use it.

Once you’ve opened the Assessment, click on the orange alert to see the open-answer questions still to be graded:


Reviewing a reply to an open-answer question

From the box reserved for reviewing open-answers question to be, you can:

  • read the learner's reply. In an Answer with Attachment, you can also view the resource that the learner has added
  • give feedback to the student; for example, you can type, “Pretty much on track, but you could have developed the answer better” or “Great job! That’s a very exhaustive reply”
  • insert the score by manually entering how many points to assign to the answer.
    You can read here how to assign custom points to each question

PLEASE NOTE: an answer is considered correct when a score of at least 60% is awarded. For example, 3 out of 6 would be incorrect, whereas 4 out of 6 would be correct.

At last, click on Review:


After the review, you can still see both the learner’s replyas well as your feedback. You can also edit or remove your review:


PLEASE NOTE: reviewing an open-answer question is necessary to determine the learner’s overall grade.

You can also decide to hide the Test results from a learner before your review. Here you read how to make the results public only after an instructor’s review.

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