How to assign custom points to each question

This tutorial will show how to assign a specific score to each question in an Exercise or a Test on WeSchool.

Diversifying scores helps you value complex answers more: for example, open answer questions, where the learner needs to elaborate the reply and show the logical steps made to arrive at a conclusion, enable to better evaluate the level of learning.

The final grade is automatically calculated in decimals, based on the scores assigned to each question: if the learner earns 48 points out of a total of 60 points available, the final grade will be 8. 

PLEASE NOTE: each question has a default score of 1 point.

Assigning custom points to each question

To assign a personalized score to a question, proceed as follows:

  • after adding the question, edit how many points can be awarded. Type the points in the box dedicated to the score, then click on Save:

Help_Desk___Knowledge_Base___Screenshot_Editor_-_Google_Drawings_Template_-_2022-10-18T114920.785.pngPLEASE NOTE: in a Videoquiz, you can assign a different score to each question added to it. 

  • you can review how many points you have assigned to each question from the Assessment summary, just above each question:


While taking the Assessment, also learners will be aware of each question’s value as they can read it found in the box at the top right, just next to the question:

Reviewing a question with custom points

When the Assessment is returned, you can see the report that contains the final grade expressed in decimals and the points earned for each question:

Auto-correct questions, such as True or false or Multiple choice, automatically award points. Therefore, if the reply is correct, the learner will earn all the points you’ve assigned to the question; if the answer is not correct, no points will be awarded. 

On the other hand, open-answer questions, such as an Open answer or a Reply with attachment, need an instructor’s review, therefore you’ll be able to manually award points. You can award all the points available, none of them or only some of them. Type the score just below the review box:


PLEASE NOTE: click here to read how to review open-answer questions.

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