How to manage Users

From the Users section of the Dashboard, you can access the list of all instructors and learners associated with your school or your organization. From here, you can view each user's information and manage their profiles.

In order to access this section, click on the three dots close to the name of the Space and select Dashboard from the dropdown menu:


The Users section summarizes the information of all the users associated with your organization; from here, you can view:

  • the name of each user
  • the birthday indicated on WeSchool
  • the email address associated with each user’s account
  • the number of Groups within the organization the user belongs to
  • the date of registration to WeSchool


From this section, you can also manage the accounts by clicking the three dots icon found in the box dedicated to each user:

From the dropdown menu, you can:

  • show the user's profile page
  • manage the user's role within each Group, choosing between Learner or Instructor from the dropdown menu next to the Group name. You can also delete the user from a Group by clicking on the trash can icon (you can undo the operation by clicking on the arrow icon, which will appear in place of the trash can icon):

  • remove the user from all the Groups associated with your organization, so the user won’t be able to access the Groups, nor view its contents. For example, you can use this function to quickly remove a teacher who has moved to another school or a learner who had quit a course:

  • open a chat with the user or resume an already existing conversation 
  • access the Analytics section to see the data related to this specific user and to the activities he carried out on WeSchool. Click here to read the tutorial about the Analytics section

In order to find specific users, you can filter their accounts using the following functions. From this section, it is possible to:

  • look for a specific user, by typing their name or email address in the search bar at the top
  • filter the list by Groups or by role, choosing whether to view instructors or learners
  • sort the list by alphabetical order, birthday, or registration date


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