How to manage Groups

The Groups section of the Dashboard enables you to manage all the Groups from your organization or create new Groups that will be automatically associated with it.

To access this section, open the Sidebar and click on Dashboard:


From the Groups section, you can view all the information about the Groups within your organization; it shows for each Group:

  • the name of the Group
  • the list of all the instructors that belong to each Group
  • the status of the Group, whether it is active or inactive. An active Group is accessible to its participants, while an inactive Group is no longer visible to the users and therefore is not accessible
  • the number of users in each Group
  • the date of creation of the Group


Directly from this page, you will be able to manage all the Groups within your organization.
From the box dedicated to each Group, click on the three dots icon to:

  • activate or disable a Group, deciding whether to make it accessible to its participants. For example, you could disable a Group at the end of the school year, then reactivate it in September

  • duplicate a Group and its contents. This helps you to create a new Group that already contains Modules, Exercises, and Tests from the duplicated Group. On the other hand, learners, and instructors, as well as their interactions on the Wall and in the Modules, and their Assessment executions will not be duplicated.
    If you want to import members as well, you can follow this tutorial on how to import users from one Group to another


Furthermore, you can add a new Group to your school by clicking on the + New Group tab at the top right of this screen:


Click here to read all the steps to create a new Group on WeSchool.

To quickly find one or more Groups, you can add filters to the Groups displayed on the list and:

  • look for a specific Group by typing its name in the search bar at the top
  • filter the list by status, deciding whether to see only the active Groups or only the inactive ones
  • sort the list, in alphabetical order or by creation date


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