How to activate the Dashboard

The Management Dashboard makes managing and monitoring all the learning activities in a Space easier.

Each Space will feature its Dashboard to configure the Groups which belong to the Space centrally, manage its instructors and learners and view a series of data showing users’ engagement.

How to get the Management Dashboard 

The Dashboard is a WeSchool Pro Feature and it’s automatically available for Space that features a Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan.
Also, the Dashboard is available only for K-12 Schools for free.
Get more details about paid plans for companies and businesses on the Pricing page.

How to open and navigate the Dashboard

To open and have access to the Dashboard you have several options:

  • you can access it directly from the Space Homepage by clicking on the three dots icon ⋯ next to the name of the Space and selecting Dashboard from the dropdown menu:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 145610.png

  • you can access it directly from the Groups sidebar by selecting Dashboard:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 150803.png

From the top menu you can move between three sections:

  • Groups to manage all the Groups in the Soace
  • Users from which you can view a list of instructors and learners and manage their profiles
  • Analytics to monitor the learning activities of all the users of the Space
  • Badges to create and manage all Badges of the Space

Who can access the Dashboard?

Only the admin of the Space and the users who have been authorized. The admin can manage other users to access the Dashboard through the Space settings, by assigning or revoking permissions.

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