How to import users from an existing Group

To add learners or instructors from an existing Group, you can import their email addresses and invite them quickly.
PLEASE NOTE: to import users from an existing Group you need to be an instructor in both Groups.

Importing learners

To import learners, proceed as follows:

  • while creating the new Group, or later from the Invite section of your Group settings, click on the Learners button

  • from the following window, click on Import learners at the bottom left

  • scroll through the list to find the Group you want to import the learners from. You can also quickly look for it from the search bar at the top

  • click on the Group name and then Confirm to import contacts into the invitation window:

  • finally, send the invitation to the learners by clicking on Invite.
    You can also edit the contact list, add new addresses, or delete some of them as soon as they are imported:


Importing instructors

To import instructors from an existing Group, you can follow the same procedure and click on the Instructors button from the invitation page and then on Import instructors in the bottom left:

Learners and Instructors can accept the invitation and immediately join your Group via email or directly from their WeSchool profile.

From the top of the My Groups page, they can view pending invitations and join Groups by clicking on the ✔ button:


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