How to create a new Live session

The Live session enables you to start a live video conference with the Group participants, so you can have a remote lecture, follow an online webinar, or take stock during a team activity.

You can also join the video conference from a smartphone or tablet through the WeSchool app (available for iOS, Android and Huawei). If you’ve experienced problems during a Live session, click here.

How to start a Live session

Within the Group, only Instructors can start a Live session. You can start a Live session by clicking on the + key next to the Calendar preview, which you will find on the right of the Wall under the participants' box:


From the next dialog box, you can set up a new Live session. In particular, you can:

  • finally, you can type a Description - to provide more information about the Live lesson to its participants - or add attachments

Then click on Create to start the Live session:


PLEASE NOTE: you can create multiple Live sessions at the same time within the same Group.

If you use WeSchool from your smartphone you can find the Create Live key on the Wall, just below the Cover image. You will be able to set the Live session and start it by clicking on Create:


How to Access a Live session

To access the Live session, Group members need to simply click on the LIVE button at the top right:


In the event that more video conferences are concurrently active, a dropdown menu will open so you can choose the one to join


If there are no Live sessions running, the Live button will not be visible.

PLEASE NOTE: before accessing a Live session from a smartphone or tablet, you need to install the Live session service app to your device. For example, download the app for Google Meet (available for Android and iOS), Zoom (for Android and iOS) or Microsoft Teams (Android and iOS).

Features to use during a Live session

Once inside the Live session, you have at your disposal useful features to help you interact with other participants. From all the different video conferencing tools accessible from WeSchool, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • able or disable the webcam and the microphone of your own device

  • open a private chat with other members of the video conference, to interact and communicate with each other. For example, a learner may ask to speak without activating their microphone and interrupting whoever is speaking

  • share your screen with the rest of the participants to show useful teaching materials, such as presentations, images, or videos

  • manage the conference participants: for example, you can mute users or remove them from the conference. These features are only available for the instructor who has activated the Live session.

PLEASE NOTE: to attend a Live session, you need to give permission to your browser (or app) to use your device's webcam and microphone. When it is activated for the first time, a warning will appear at the top right requesting permission, which will not be asked again:


Permission to access the webcam and microphone can be managed at any time. Click here to see how to manage the webcam and microphone during a video conference.

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