I 'm a student: how to access the Board

With the WeSchool Board, you can collaborate in real-time through a writing space shared with all members of the Group. You can write and draw, just like on a Whiteboard, but also work with educational content and interact with your instructor and the other learners.

Access the Board from your Group by clicking on the Board button in the top menu:


PLEASE NOTE: we recommend you use the most up-to-date version of the most recent browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox).

PLEASE NOTE: when the Board in a Group has not been turned on by the Instructor, the Board button will not be visible.

To access the Board from a smartphone, enter the Group and click on the BOARD button on the Wall below the cover image:


Your instructor can customize the Board experience by editing the Board settings:

  • if the Leader mode is on, you will not be able to move freely within the Board, but you will view what your instructor is viewing on his Board
  • if the Read-only mode is on, you won’t be able to edit the Board

Here you can read a guide on how to use the WeSchool Board.

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