How to use the Board

On the WeSchool Board, you can choose between three different types of Tab depending on the lesson you have planned:

  • the Whiteboard tab, to draw, write by hand, and images and teaching resources as well
  • the Document tab, a collaborative text editor, similar to Google Docs
  • the Code tab, a code editor.

As you turn on the Board, you can select which tab to start from:


You can move between existing tabs, by clicking on the tab name in the menu at top:


PLEASE NOTE: if you are using your smartphone, click here to read how to use the Board from a mobile device.

Whiteboard tab

You can use the Whiteboard for drawing and writing, just like the blackboard in a classroom. You can also add to your lecture images, files, or equations and graphs which you can create directly from the Board. 

From the bar at the top, you will be able to manage all the tools that the Whiteboard offers:

The tools at your disposal are:

  • Colour: choose the colour to write, draw and fill in figures with
  • Select Tool: select elements to modify, move or resize
  • Move Canvas: to move around the Whiteboard, without drawing or modifying elements
  • Draw Tool: to draw, write and make notes on the Whiteboard and on the elements you have added (a document, an image, etc.)
  • Highlighting Tool: to underline what’s most important on the Whiteboard
  • Erase tool: by clicking on it you can delete any element from the Whiteboard
  • Shape Tool: to can draw lines, arrows and many other shapes (squares, triangles, etc.)
  • Text Tool: to type text directly on the Whiteboard using your keyboard
  • Equation Tool: an useful feature for STEM subjects:
    - by clicking on Formula, you can type and insert formulas and equations in LaTeX format, which allows you to easily add mathematical symbols directly from your keyboard;
    - by clicking on Graph, you can draw a Cartesian graph from any function or equation


  • Upload Image or PDF: to insert elements and resources from your device to the Whiteboard
  • Insert Resource: to add educational images directly from the Board archive, where you can find a representation of the human body, the periodic table, and many more teaching resources

PLEASE NOTE: This function is reserved for Instructors only.

  • Change Background: to select a custom Whiteboard background. For example you can choose between white, black, and squared sheets of various sizes
  • Undo: to undo the last action performed
  • Redo: to redo the last action you undid.

Document tab

It is a text editor in which you can write by typing directly from your keyboard. For example, you can collaborate altogether with all the Group members on the same tab.

From the bar at the top you will find the tools to manage the format of the text, the font size or the font character (italics, bold, etc.):


Code tab

It’s a code editor designed for learning different code languages, by choosing between different programming languages ​​(such as Javascript , Python, HTML..). You can change the programming language through the dropdown menu at the top left:


PLEASE NOTE: if you are an instructor and want to discover the functions for managing the Group members during a lecture or an activity on the WeSchool Board, click here.

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