How to customize Group settings

At any time, you can customize the settings of your WeSchool Group you previously set while creating it. Group settings are divided into three sections:

  • Information, where you can change the Group information, such as the name, the Cover image, and the Description
  • Participants, where you can view and manage the Group members
  • Invite, where you can add learners and instructors to the Group through an email invitation, Group Code, or Invitation link

PLEASE NOTE: only instructors can view and manage WeSchool Group settings.

To access the Group settings, click on the three dots icon at the top right; from here you can select which section to view:



The first section is reserved for Group information. Here, an instructor can:

  • customize the Group’s name
  • change the teaching subject
  • add, edit or remove the Cover image of the Group
  • add, edit or remove the Group Icon
  • type or change the Description (up to 140 characters)


PLEASE NOTE: Remember to confirm the information by clicking on Save changes at the bottom of the page after changing it.


You can reach the Participants section from the side menu at the top left. From this section, you can:

  • find a list of all the Group members, divided between instructors, learners, and users who have not accepted the email invitation yet:


  • manage learners and instructors by clicking on the cog icon next to each user’s email address. For example, you can delete a user from the Group (here is a tutorial about removing a user) or promote a learner to an instructor or vice versa:




You can reach the Invite section from the side menu located at the top left. Use this page to add new members to the Group as from here you will be able to:


  • under Public invitation, copy and share the Invitation link or the Group Code (click here to read how to use the Group Code). From here, you can also customize your Group Code or disable the public invitation to prevent new users from joining the Group via Group Code and Invitation link. They will be able to access the Group only through a Personal invitation:


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