How to cancel an email invitation

If you have invited a user via email, you can cancel the invite so the recipient can no longer join the Group through the invitation.

PLEASE NOTE: you can only cancel an invitation if the recipient hasn’t yet accepted the invite. Click here to read how to remove a user who is already part of a Group.

To cancel an invitation proceed as follows:

  • open the Group, click on the three dots icon at the top right and select View Participants from the dropdown menu:


  • from the Participants section, under Pending you can view all the unaccepted email invitations:


  • to cancel an invitation, click on the airplane icon next to the invited email address and select Uninvite from the dropdown menu. Then confirm the removal:


PLEASE NOTE: the canceled invitation recipient will no longer be able to access the Group via that invitation. However, you can once again invite that user with a new invitation at any time.

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