How to use YouTube on WeSchool

WeSchool allows you to access YouTube to search and select videos to show to your Group. Here you can read how to use YouTube directly from your Group to:

Adding YouTube videos to a Module

YouTube is a very useful source of videos that enables you to creatively introduce a lecture, or assign content for a Flipped Classroom, for either a review or for an in-depth study.
If you have opened a Lesson for a group activity, learners can also access YouTube and add videos directly to the Module.

You can easily search and insert a YouTube video on WeSchool by following these simple steps:

  • go to the Modules section and click on Add resource; on the next screen, select Youtube:


  • you can search for any video using the bar just as you would on YouTube and click on the magnifying glass. You will find the results below:


PLEASE NOTE: if you already know which YouTube video to show, you can quickly find it also by pasting the URL address into the bar, which you can copy directly from the video on YouTube.

  • once you've found the video you want to add, click on the video to select it. You can view the video directly from YouTube before adding it to the Module by clicking on Preview: use this option to ensure the video is what you are looking for. To upload the video to the Module, select Add:


  • once the video is added to the Module, your learners will be able to watch the video directly on WeSchool.

PLEASE NOTE: you can also insert YouTube videos made by you or your learners into a Module, such as for group activity or asynchronous video lessons. If you want to keep these videos private, you can upload your videos to YouTube as “Unlisted”, meaning the video is only visible to those with the link. You can find "Unlisted" videos directly from WeSchool by entering the URL address.

Creating Videoquizzes with YouTube 

From the Assessment section, you can also design Exercises or Tests from a YouTube video to which you can add questions, creating a real Videoquiz. A Videoquiz is a powerful method to keep learners’ attention while watching the video, and it can also be used as an effective assessment at the beginning of a lecture or to creatively test what the Group members have learned.

You can make a Videoquiz easily and instantly by following these steps:

  • go to the Assessment section, create a new Exercise or Test, and add a question. Here you can view how to create an Exercise or Test on WeSchool

  • Select Videoquiz from the available question types and then click Choose a Video to add the video from Youtube:


  • Search the video on Youtube, just as if you were to add it to a Module. Click Attach to include the video in the Exercise or Test:


  • once you have chosen the video, you enter the questions: click the Play button to start the video. You can also change the video you’ve chosen for the Videoquiz by selecting the Choose another video option:


  • You can insert questions at an exact point in the video. During the test, the video will pause, and the learners can answer the questions; once a question is answered, the video will automatically resume. Click on the Add a question at... button to enter a question:


Click on the Save button to add the question to the Videoquiz.

PLEASE NOTE: you can choose between four question types to include in the Videoquiz. True or False, Short Answer and Multiple Choice are self-correcting and require you to enter the correct answers. Open Questions, however, require you to manually review them.

Once you’ve added all the questions, you can save the entire Videoquiz by clicking Save on the bottom right. Then publish the Assessment to assign the Videoquiz to the Group.

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