How to use Google Docs on WeSchool

From a WeSchool Module, you can work with Google Docs and collaborate online with your learners through a shared text editor. For example, you can review and add suggestions to a learner’s text or enable a team of students to draft a text altogether directly from the WeSchool Group.

To share Google Docs and take advantage of all the functions for collaborative activities, proceed as follows. 

  • log into Google Docs and click on the Share button in the top right:


  • in the following dialog box, edit the sharing settings. Under General Access, open the dropdown menu in the bottom left and select Anyone with the link:


  • from the same box, you can allow users to edit the text, if you want to. Open the dropdown menu in the bottom right and select the option Editor:


PLEASE NOTE: to prevent your learners from editing the text, you can select the option Viewer from the same dropdown menu.

  • once the sharing settings have been edited, you can copy the link to your Google Doc. Click on Copy link


  • now log in to WeSchool and go to the Modules section; click Add resource and then select Google Docs:


  • paste your Google Docs link in the URL bar and select Preview:


  • finally, click Attach to insert your Google Docs presentation into the Module:


Now all Group members – learners and instructors – can access the Google Docs from the Module and work together directly from WeSchool.

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