How to use Google Slides on WeSchool

From a WeSchool Module, you can work with Google Slides and collaborate online with your learners to create a presentation. For example, learners can simultaneously create slides, while instructors can monitor and correct the presentation directly from the WeSchool Group.

To share Google Slides and take advantage of all its functions for collaborative activities, proceed as follows:

  • log into Google Slides and click on the Share button in the top right:


  • in the following dialog box, edit the sharing settings. Under General Access, open the dropdown menu in the bottom left and select Anyone with the link:


  • from the same box, you can allow users to edit the slides, if you want to. Open the dropdown menu in the bottom right and select the option Editor:


PLEASE NOTE: to prevent your learners from editing the presentation, you can select the option Viewer from the same dropdown menu.

  • once the sharing settings have been edited, you can copy the link to your presentation. Click on Copy link


  • now log in to WeSchool and go to the Modules section; click Add resource and then select Google Slides:


  • paste your Google Slide link in the URL bar and select Preview:


  • finally, click Attach to insert your Google Slide presentation into the Module:


Now all the Group members – learners and instructors – can access the presentation from the Module and work together directly from WeSchool.

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