I am a teacher: how can I use Microsoft Teams on WeSchool?

The Live enables you to start a Microsoft Teams video conference, so you can have a remote lecture, follow an online webinar, or take stock during a team activity.
Only instructors can create a Live session.

How to Start a Live Session with Microsoft Teams

You can start a Live session with Microsoft Teams by clicking on the + key next to the Calendar preview, which you will find on the right of the Wall under the participants' box. From the next dialog box choose Microsoft Teams from the dropdown menu. After setting up the Live session, click on Create:


You will then automatically be redirected to Microsoft Teams to access the video conference.

PLEASE NOTE: when you first activate a Live Session with Microsoft Teams, you will need to enter the credentials of your Microsoft account.Then you need to grant permission to access your browser:


Your Microsoft account will be saved on WeSchool. To quickly activate the Live Session with your Microsoft account, select your Microsoft Teams with your memorized account next to it from the dropdown menu: 


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