How to use the Record

In each Group you can monitor your learners’ activities thanks to the Record. To open it, click on Record from the menu at the top:


From here you can access an online record containing all the information about what is happening in Group. In particular, it enables you to track:

  • the Modules completion
  • Assessments executions and results
  • any other educational activities, that can be added to the Record
  • all the details of SCORM files and the learners’ progresses

Moreover, you can download the full Record in .csv format, to move the data also out of WeSchool.

  • From the Modules section of the Record, you can view:

    • each learner’s last login to the Group
    • how many Modules the learner has completed, viewing all the contents from the Module itself (Modules completed)
    • the completion percentage of every single Module; a fully completed Module is marked by a ✔ symbol


    • moreover, the Group Record shows the number of comments made by every learner in each Module to help you have an overview of the Modules where there are pending questions or learners have been particularly active


  • In the Exercises and Tests sections you can check Assessments executions and results through:

    • the total number of Exercises and Tests completed by each learner
    • the average grade of each learner
    • the best grade of a learner in all the Assessments and the number of Exercise execution (shown in brackets)


    • if among the Assessments there are any questions to be reviewed (click here to read how to review an open answer), this alert will highlight the learner's execution to be reviewed
    • if there are Assessments where you’ve asked the student for a new submission (click here for the tutorial about asking for assessment new submission), this alert will highlight the Test or Exercise question open for a new submission


    You can also filter all the answers to be reviewed from the top menu:


  • From the In Class section, you can track teaching activities carried out beyond Modules and Assessments. For example, you can manually report attendance during a Live or the submission of an assignment by checking the box next to the learner’s name:


  • Lastly, you can download all the data in the Record in Excel from the Download section. Type your email address and then click Download Report:


  • This section gathers the Learners’ progress within the SCORMs you’ve uploaded in the Modules. You can see the general results among all SCORMs and the progress of each specific learner, SCORM by SCORM.

    What is an SCORM file? A SCORM file (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a package of digital educational content (for example, videos, slides, tests). The file tracks the user’s progress, recording the time spent, the results, etc.

    In the full list, the following information is available for each student:

    • the date on which the student last viewed an SCORM file
    • the total time spent using the SCORM files
    • the progress, which is the percentage of SCORM files completed out of those available

    WARNING: Students need to start viewing the SCORM files to be listed here. If there are no SCORM files in the Group, this section will be empty; read here how to add a SCORM file to a WeSchool Lesson.

     By clicking on the row related to a single student, you can see the detailed progress of each SCORM for that particular student. The following information is tracked:

    • the title of the file and the Lesson in which it is uploaded
    • the date on which the student last viewed the SCORM
    • the time spent on that specific file
    • the completion status of the SCORM file
    • the result, if the SCORM file includes final tests.


    WARNING: The data related to date, time, completion, and results are collected and passed to the WeSchool record directly from the SCORM file.

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