How to solve connection problems during a Live session: useful tips

During a Live session, some problems may occur due to the connection issues of its participants. For example, a learner with a weak connection may experience trouble seeing or hearing the instructor or may disconnect from the lesson.
While these problems are unrelated to WeSchool, we have thought of some useful tips to make the most of the Live session:

  • First, check that your operating system and your browser are updated to the latest version available

  • When the entire class is connected, only those who are speaking should have the audio and the video on. This helps save everyone's bandwidth, especially of those who have a weak connection. You can disable audio and video by simply clicking on the buttons in the menu:
  • If learners experience audio issues, remind them to grant permission to access their camera and microphone. If they connect from a browser, they can click on the lock icon in the address bar; if they connect from a tablet or smartphone, they can enable permissions from their device settings Here you can read how to manage your microphone and webcam


  • If learners connect from a smartphone, it is easier if they download the videoconferencing app used to hold the Live session

  • If during the Live session there are background noises, suggest all the participants to use earphones (smartphone ones work well) or headphones

For any other problem, please contact our support ( the more details you give us, the better our technical team will be able to help you!

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