How to solve microphone and webcam issues

During a Live session, you have to permit your browser (or app) to use your device’s webcam and microphone. When you access a Live session for the first time, a confirmation message will appear, either in your browser or through the app, which will ask for permission to access your webcam and microphone:


If you have not granted this permission and other participants can’t see or hear you, proceed as follows:

  • if you are using a desktop browser, you can manage access permissions at any time by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar. From the dialog box, ensure you have provided consent to the Camera and the Microphone:


You can also check that you have given the correct access permission from the settings menu in your browser.

  • if you use an app to access Live sessions, you can grant access permission the first time you use the app, or later from the settings menu of your device. Search for the video conference app (e.g. Zoom or Google Meet) and then confirm the authorization to access the microphone and camera:


How to give permission to a video conference app from an iPad and an Android smartphone

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