I'm a parent/guardian and I need to register two or more children

If you are a parent and you need to register two or more children, you cannot do so using the same email address but must use two different email addresses, as specified in WeSchool's Terms and Conditions.

If you already have a child with an account registered on WeSchool and want to register another, proceed as follows:

  • before signing the second child up, remember to log out. Here you can read a tutorial about how to log out of WeSchool

  • once you have returned to the Login page, click Sign up or start directly from the Registration page to register the second child. If you have received an invite from your child’s instructor or a Group Code, you can use it to sign up. Here you can read how to join WeSchool using a Group Code.

  • to complete the procedure correctly, you must use a different email address than the one used for the first registration.

  • remember that underage user requires parental approval. Read here the full procedure to register an underage user.
    PLEASE NOTE: to approve the account of the second child, you can use the same information (first name, second name, email address…) you have already used to confirm the first registration

You can follow this procedure for any other person from your family who plans to register with WeSchool, even if one of them is an instructor.

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