I am a parent: I am not able to authorize my son

Following the introduction of European legislation on the processing of personal data (GDPR), the account of an underage user, who needs access to a Group not associated with a school, must be confirmed by a parent or legal guardian.

Before logging into WeSchool, underage users must ask a parent or legal guardian to accept WeSchool’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Here you can read the whole procedure of registering an underage user.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of an underage learner, your son or daughter will be able to request this authorization directly from WeSchool by sending an email (please be sure to also check your spam folder!) or by sharing an activation link to their profile after logging in.

By clicking on the link sent, you will be able to access this page for you to complete in order to activate the account:


In this form, you have to enter your first name, last name, tax code, and email address, and agree to WeSchool's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Click Continue to confirm the authorization.
Once this form is completed, the user will be able to access the WeSchool account.

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