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Your WeSchool profile page shows to other users your personal and contact information and the Groups you’ve in common. You can add here: 

  • a profile picture
  • the date of birth
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • a link to your Facebook and Instagram profile
  • a bio to quickly introduce yourself

To view your profile page, click on the profile settings in the top right corner and select Profile:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 163343.png

Now you’ll see how your profile page looks like to other users. Click on Edit profile to start editing:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 164207.png

From there you can:

  • add or change your profile picture, uploading one image from your device
  • edit your birthday; you can choose the date from the calendar in the dropdown menu
  • decide whether to make visible your email address. Learn more about editing your email address on WeSchool
  • add your phone number by typing the entire cell phone number without spaces 
  • Insert a link to your Facebook profile. Copy and paste the link to your profile, i.e. https://www.facebook.com/username (ensure the link does not end with the “/” symbol, otherwise, it will not be considered correct!);
  • add your Instagram profile by typing an @ and your username (i.e. @user-name);
  • type a Bio to introduce yourself to other WeSchool users


You can choose which information to hide or to show on your profile page, by clicking on the eye-shaped switch next to the information:

  • If the icon is crossed, the information is visible to WeSchool users visiting your profile
  • if the icon isn’t crossed the information is not visible


How to visit a user's profile page

You can visit the profile page of all users with at least one group in common. To visit the profile page, click on their name or on the profile picture. The profile page will show:

  • all the personal and contact information the user has decided to make public
  • the Groups in common between the user and yourself

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