How to manage the Plan settings

Space Admis and Staff members can access and manage the Plan settings

You can access it directly from the Space Homepage by clicking on the three dots icon ⋯ next to the name of the Space and selecting Plan from the dropdown menu:

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From the Plan settings, you can select how many seats you need, i.e. the total number of users who are allowed to join the Space.

PLEASE NOTE: a seat is not a nominal license, therefore if a member of your Space leaves, you can reassign the seat to someone new. Moreover, from this page, you can: 

  • choose how often you want to be billed (monthly or yearly)
  • choose between the Lite, Pro or Enterprise Plan. Here you can view the differences between the available Plans

Once you have chosen the Plan and the number of seats you need, you will see the quote for your subscription. Click on Checkout to finalize your payment: 

Choose your plan.gif

If you need a Plan for more than 300 seats, you can contact WeSchool’s Team for a custom Enterprise Plan. To reach out to us, simply click on Contact us:

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PLEASE NOTE: K12 Schools and Universities can not edit their Free Plan. If you are a Teacher or School principal and are interested in the features not included in the Free Plan, you can reach out to the WeSchool’s Team by clicking on the Contact us button.

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