Generating courses with WeSchool’s AI Assistant

WeSchool's AI Assistant is a tool that simplifies and speeds up the design of educational courses and lessons through Artificial Intelligence.

The AI Assistant enables you to generate customized learning paths that match your learning goals. Instructors, educators, and professionals in the field of education:

  • are guided in creating prompts, to be submitted to the Artificial Intelligence, that follows the principles of Instructional Design. These prompts define the goal, duration, target audience, and teaching methodologies of the course
  • can further customize the course structure and enrich the generated content with new learning materials, such as videos, exercises, or SCORM

Generating courses with WeSchool’s AI Assistant

To get started, click on Add a Module from the Modules section of the Group and select AI Assistant from the dropdown menu:

Screenshot 2024-03-18 140630.png

Afterward, a form with 5 fields to be filled out will pop up and you will be able to enter the prompt

  1. Tell us about your audience: provide clear and precise information about who will attend the course. For example, point out whether participants want to refine their skills or wish to acquire new ones starting from scratch
  2. Define a topic or a goal: detail the topics that will be covered within the course. The more precise you are, the more the Artificial Intelligence will be able to generate courses in line with your goals
  3. Set the course duration: define how many weeks the course will last
  4. Choose weekly time commitment: specify how many hours per week learners should dedicate to the course
  5. Select the course format: you can choose between two types of courses:
  • Group-based (cooperative): learners progress through the course at the pace set by the instructor, collaborating and interacting with each other
  • Self-paced: learners progress through the course at their own pace

To edit a prompt, click the checkmark icon next to each item in the bullet list.

Click on Generate preview to have the AI Assistant start creating a preview of the course:

ENG 5 prompt (2).gif

Preview generation may take up to two minutes

ENG Generate preview

Now, you will see the course preview; from here, you can:

Screenshot 2024-03-18 154537.png

If you want to edit a prompt, simply click on < to go back. 

Add or edit Modules to make targeted changes to the course preview. The AI Assistant will take this into account when generating content. Regenerate Modules or rewrite the prompt if the result does not meet your expectations

How to add new Modules 

To add a new Module to the course preview, click on + Add new module and enter a title and a description after selecting the pencil icon ✏️:

Screenshot 2024-03-18 160120.png

How to rearrange Modules 

To rearrange a Module in the course preview, select the 6 dots to the left of the title and drag the Module to change its order:

ENG How to rearrange modules

How to edit Modules 

To edit a Module, click on the pencil icon ✏️ and change the title or description:

ENG How to edit modules

How to delete Modules 

To delete a Module, click on the trash can icon 🗑️: 

ENG how to delete

The AI Assistant will not generate content for a removed Module.

How to regenerate the preview of the course

If you are not satisfied with the course preview, you can ask the AI Assistant to generate a new draft of the course by clicking on Regenerate modules:

Screenshot 2024-03-18 165355.png

How to save the draft 

Once the course preview is ready, select Draft contents to generate the course; then click on the button:

  • View learning path to view the course modules within the Modules section
  • Jump to contents to view the content of which the course is composed. You will be redirected to the first content of the first module 

AI is creating your course outline

Content generation may take up to two minutes.

You can visually recognize Modules created with the AI Assistant by the AI MODULE label. Also, remember that Modules generated by the AI Assistant are drafts: you can customize the content and settings of each Module by following this tutorial and then publish them to make them available to learners.

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