Tailored Certificates

WeSchool enables organizations to grant tailored certificates to learners who have reached custom milestones on WeSchool. As a Space administrator, you can reach out to WeSchool to:

Then, the WeSchool Team will take care of both the design and delivery phases.

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is an add-on.

Design a tailored certificate

By creating a tailored diploma, you can grant learners a certificate that matches your own brand identity. For example, a tailored certificate can feature:

  • custom logos, such as your organization’s logo or the course logo
  • a custom title
  • the name of the learner who has been granted the certificate
  • a custom description, to add more information about the course and the skills that this certificate attests
  • a signature from the learning community instructor

You can share the logo with us and decide all the information you want to include in the tailored certificate. The WeSchool Team will then design the certificate, collect your feedback and share a draft for your final approval. Here are some examples of custom certificates we’ve designed:

Determine the terms and frequency of the certificate delivery

Once the tailored certificate is complete, you can also choose:

  • the terms of the certificate delivery, on the basis of which learners will receive the certificate.
    For example, you can grant the diploma only to learners who have passed a specific Test in your learning community or have completed all the Modules in your course.

PLEASE NOTE: The terms of the certificate delivery are fully customizable as far as they refer to an action that takes place within WeSchool.

  • the frequency of the certificate delivery, that is how often the certificates will be granted. For example, you can ask WeSchool to generate and deliver weekly, monthly, or at the end of a custom period.

PLEASE NOTE: The delivery takes place via email. Learners will receive their certificate at the email address they use to log into WeSchool.

The WeSchool Team will be in charge of the certificate delivery to the learners.

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