How to upload a video to Weschool

You can directly upload a video to WeSchool, either as an attachment to a post on the Wall or from the Module section of the Group by clicking “Add content”, and there are two ways to do so:

1. You can upload your video file directly

2. You can upload your video through YouTube

Uploading your video file

If the video is smaller than 100 MB and is in .mp4 format, you can upload it directly by selecting the “file” resource:


The video will be viewable directly within WeSchool.

Uploading your video through YouTube 

If the video is larger than 50 MB or in another format, you can insert it by following this procedure:

  • Upload the video to YouTube (here you can find YouTube’s official guide on how to so: If you do not want it to be found with a YouTube search, select the "Not listed" option.
  • Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, copy the video link:


  • In WeSchool, select the “YouTube” resource:


  • Enter your video’s link and click ADD CONTENT to insert it into WeSchool:


  • If you chose the “Not listed” option, you will have to click the USE VIDEO button:


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