I'm getting an error message after I reset my password

If you have requested a password reset without completing the procedure described in this tutorial and you are trying to log into WeSchool with your credentials that are no longer valid, you will receive this error message:


To log in, you must complete the reset procedure. To do so, access the link in the WeSchool password recovery email that we sent you. You can read all the steps to complete the password reset here.

Google or University Single Sign-on

If you have signed up through your Google account or your university credentials, you do not need to reset your password.

To log into WeSchool, you just have to click on Sign in With Google or on the name of the University you’ve signed up with from the Login page:


Then you can insert your Google account or University account credentials and complete the login.

Password reset link is no longer valid

If you have clicked on an expired password reset link, you will be reading this error message as you’re trying to confirm the new password:


PLEASE NOTE: a password reset link expires when you’ve already used it to choose a new password or if you’ve requested a new password reset before using the link.

If see this message, you just need to request a new password reset and complete the reset procedure using the link received via email. Click here to read how to ask for a new password reset.

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