Change your email address

Each account is associated with a unique email address, you’ve been using to sign in and log in. You can edit this email address from the Account settings.

To edit your email:

  •  click on your profile image on the sidebar and select Manage account:


  • click on the Edit button next to the email address:


  • type the new email and enter password that you use to log in, then click Confirm


  • you will receive an email with a link to click to confirm the new address  (if you do not find the confirmation message, also check the Spam section of your inbox!). Click on Confirm email to make the email address change effective:


PLEASE NOTE: the new email address cannot already be registered with WeSchool

If you have not yet completed the change via the email we sent you, remember that you can:

  • request a new confirmation email in case you have not received it
  • undo the change; this will cancel the email edit request


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