How to create an Exercise

Through WeSchool's Exercises, Instructors can assess Learners' knowledge using a didactic tool that allows them to evaluate their level of preparation based on the educational content covered in class.

If you're an Instructor, you can read below how to create an Exercise. Click here instead to find out how to create a Test.

How to create an Exercise

To open the section dedicated to Exercises, click on the Assessments button in the top menu: from here, you can add new Exercises or view and edit those published that have not been completed yet. To create a new Exercise, click on the New button:

Screenshot 2024-02-12 121559.png

From the following window, you can customize the title of the Exercise and add questions by clicking on the Add a question button:

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From here, you can choose different types of questions to add to the Exercise. Some of them will be auto-corrected:

  • True or false: enter the question, the answer is always either true or false
  • Short answer: enter the question and the correct answers. The response is marked correct only if the Learner's answer matches one of the correct answers provided by the instructor
  • Multiple choice: in this type of question, there may be a single correct answer or multiple ones. The response will be marked correct if the Learner selects all of the correct answers and no incorrect answers
  • Crossword: words and definitions are crossed to create the crossword puzzle. The answer is counted as correct if at least 70% of the words entered in the crossword are correct
  • Videoquiz: choose a video from YouTube and insert questions at the right time. The answer is considered correct only if at least 70% of the answers are correct
  • Fill in the blank: copy-paste or write a text and delete some words. Learners must enter the missing words. The answer is considered correct only if at least 70% of the answers are correct
  • Matching: create pairs of content. Choose from text, video, images, maps, and drawings. The answer is considered correct only if all pairs are correctly matched
  • Pair the cards: create pairs of cards that will progressively disappear when the Learner matches them correctly. Choose the maximum number of mistakes the Learner can make. The response will be marked correct only when the Learner has correctly paired the cards without exceeding the allowed number of mistakes

Others may be manually corrected by the Instructor:

  • Open answer: answers of this type must be corrected by the Instructor. The instructor may mark the question as correct or incorrect and leave a comment if desired
  • Reply with attachment: during the correction, the Instructor values whether the answer is right or wrong based on the content attached by the Learner

Screenshot 2024-02-12 125535.png

Before clicking on Save, please note that you can assign 1 or more points to each question you have just created by editing its score at the bottom left:

Screenshot 2024-02-12 150756.png

From the Exercise summary, you will see several buttons:

  • Delete: to permanently delete the Exercise
  • Add a question: to continue adding questions to the Exercise
  • Preview: to preview the Exercise. You can redo the Exercise as many times as you want
  • Save: to save the Exercise as a Draft (this will not be visible to Learners)
  • Publish: to make the Exercise visible to Learners

Screenshot 2024-02-12 151529.png

If you click on the Publish button a publication confirmation will will pop up, summarizing the content of the Exercise. Click on Edit if you want to make some changes to the Exercise or select Confirm to publish it:

Screenshot 2024-02-12 152537.png

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