What is a Temporary Space?

A Temporary Space gathers the Groups that aren’t associated with your school’s or organization’s Space.

To take full advantage of Spaces features, you need to move existing Groups to your school’s or your organization’s Space. Only instructors can migrate Groups out of the Temporary Space, while students can reach out to instructors to ask for the Groups to be moved.

Learn more about what is a Space and its features.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups within a Temporary Space are fully functioning, meaning you can use all the WeSchool features you’ve been using daily.

I am an Instructor: moving Groups out of a Temporary Space

Group Instructors can migrate a Group from a Temporary Space and retain all of its resources (Lessons, Exercises, ..), users, and interactions.

A blue alert on the homepage of your Temporary Space will guide you through the process of moving your Groups to a new Space:

  • first, create your own Space for your organization. You can add a Space by selecting Create Space on the right inside the Temporary Space: 

  • once the Space is created, start the migration process by clicking the Move Group button on the top right inside the Temporary Space. Then select Begin migration:

  • select the Group to migrate; you can select more than one Group simultaneously. Then Click Save and continue:

  • now choose the Space where you want to move the selected Groups to and click on Complete migration:

PLEASE NOTE: you can’t move Groups into the Temporary Space.

I am a learner: Moving Groups out of a Temporary Space

Learners won’t be able to complete the migration of a Group. But you can reach out to your instructors and let them know how to move the Group out of the Temporary Space:

For example, we highly suggest sharing with your teachers this guide explaining what is a Space and this guide about moving Groups out of a Temporary Space. You can publish a Post on the Wall of the Group or send a message using the WeSchool Chat.

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