How to use the Demo Space

The Demo Space is an already-made environment you can join to familiarize yourself with WeSchool. It’s a private and safe Sandbox, accessible only to you, where you can try all the WeSchool features, including Spaces and Groups. 

How to access a Demo Space

To access the Demo Space click the Space Icon and open the dropdown menu. Here select Demo Space, at the bottom of the menu:

Help Desk _ Knowledge Base _ Spaces, Screenshot (19).png

A new Demo Space will be instantly available: you can access anytime clicking on the Demo Space icon at the bottom of the Space dropdown menu.

All Demo Spaces include a yellow banner below the navigation menu highlighting they are a “Demo Space”. This will help you easily recognize Demo Spaces:

PLEASE NOTE: you can have only one Demo Space for each account.  

How can I use a Demo Space

You can use the Demo Space as a fully functional Space. As your private sandbox, you’ll be able to edit it, add resources and explore its features. For example, you can edit and customize the Demo Space before creating your own Space to learn about Spaces capabilities.

PLEASE NOTE: as a sandbox environment, you won’t be able to invite other users to any Group within your Demo Space.

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