How to upgrade from the Space in Trial

This tutorial is for Admins who have created a Space on Trial and need to upgrade the Space to a paid plan to keep using WeSchool after the trial period ends.

PLEASE NOTE: the Free plan, available only for schools and universities, does not have a trial period.

What is a Space on Trial

Each new Space created on WeSchool automatically starts on a free trial period and lasts 14 days. A Space on Trial includes all of the Pro Plan features.

When a Space is on Trial you’ll see an alert on the bottom left of the screen when navigating the Space and its Group. The alert shows how many days are left in the trial period:

PLEASE NOTE: once the trial period ends the Spaces and its Group won’t be accessible to Admins, teachers, or learners. Admins can still restore the Space by upgrading to a paid plan.

How to upgrade to a paid plan

PLEASE NOTE: only the Space Admins can upgrade a Space on trial to a paid plan.

During the trial period, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime to keep using WeSchool after the Trial period ends. Follow the Upgrade Plan link in the trial alert to open the Plan section of your Space:

From here, you can request your plan of choice. To do so:

  • select how many seats you need, that is the total number of users able to join the Space.
    PLEASE NOTE: a seat is a not nominal license, therefore if a member of your Space leaves, you can reassign the seat. 
  • choose how often you want to be billed
  • choose between the Lite Plan and the Pro Plan. Here you can view the differences between the available plans

Once you’ve defined the plan and the number of seats needed, you’ll see the quote for your WeSchool subscription. Then click on Checkout to finalize your payment:

To request a Plan for more than 1000 seats, you can contact the WeSchool team for a custom Enterprise Plan. To reach out to the WeSchool you can click on Contact us:

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