How to customize a Space

PLEASE NOTE: only Space Admis and Staff members will be able to access and customize the Space settings. 

To manage the Space settings, access the Space and click on the ⋯ three dots icon on the top left of the screen, next to the Space’s name. From the dropdown menu, you can:


From this section, you can:

  • edit the Space Name and Logo
  • add a Cover image for all the new Groups created in the Space
  • customize Login and Registration pages by adding your own logo and colors

PLEASE NOTE: customizing Group cover images and Login and Registration pages is a feature included in the Pro and Enterprise Plans. Here’s more about Logo and color customization

Click on the Edit button on the top right of the screen to start editing:


From here, you’ll be able to:

  • rename the Space
  • edit the Space Logo and the Groups’ Cover image. Click on the pencil icon to insert a new image; click on the trash icon to delete it:

  • add a Logo to the Login and Registration pages; click on the pencil icon to insert a new image; click on the trash icon to delete it
  • edit the background and button colors of the Login and Registration pages. Choose the color from the color picker, next to it you will see a preview:

When you’ve finished editing, click on the Save button to apply your changes immediately:

Staff permission

From the Staff section, you can assign permissions to let users manage the Space. You can enable a specific user to:

  • create new Groups in your Space; however, this user will not be able to access the Dashboard and the Space Settings
  • edit the Space Settings and access the Dashboard to manage Groups and Users and view the Analytics reports

To assign permissions, click on the + Add button on the top right of the screen: select a user from the list and choose their permission: whether they can create Groups or also access the Dashboard and Space settings. Then click on Confirm permissions to save your changes:

To edit permissions, click on the key icon next to the user's name, then assign or revoke permissions by ticking the box to the right of their email and confirm permissions to save: 

Plan Settings

From this section, you can manage your Plan directly from WeSchool and request changes to your current Plan:

  • select how many seats you need, that is the total number of users able to join the Space.
    PLEASE NOTE: a seat is a not nominal license, therefore if a member of your Space leaves, you can reassign the seat to someone new. 
  • choose how often you want to be billed
  • choose between the Lite or  Pro Plan. Here you can view the differences between the available plans.

Once you’ve defined the plan you want and the number of seats needed, you’ll see the quote for your subscription. Click on Checkout to finalize your payment:

To request a Plan for more than 1000 seats, you can contact the WeSchool team for a custom Enterprise Plan. To reach out to the WeSchool you can click on Contact us:

PLEASE NOTE: Schools and Universities won’t be able to edit their Free Plan. If interested in the features not included in the Free Plan, you can reach out to the WeSchool team by clicking on the Contact us button:

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