I already have a WeSchool account: how to create a Space

You can create a new Space as a registered user directly from WeSchool. If you’re not sure what a Space is or how to use it, learn more with this tutorial

PLEASE NOTE: if you still need a WeSchool account, learn how to register on WeSchool and build your first Space with this tutorial.

To create a new Space:

  • from the left Sidebar, click on the + key and select Create a Space:

  • from the following box, set your Space up:
    - enter the Space name
    - customize the URL of the Space (this is how learners and instructors will search your Space on their browser)
    - choose what you will do with your Space from the Dropdown menu (i.e. Employ training, a online or hybrid course, ...)

PLEASE NOTE: k-12 Schools and universities can subscribe for a Free Plan to create their own Space on WeSchool. Learn more about subscribing for a Free Plan

  • Finally, click Save and Continue to create your Space:

NEXT STEPS: once the Space is set up, make sure you:

PLEASE NOTE: each new Space is on trial. Make sure to upgrade your plan to a paid plan within 14 days.

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