I don't have a WeSchool account yet: how to create a Space

PLEASE NOTE: if you already have a WeSchool account, learn how to build your first Space with this tutorial.

You can register for WeSchool and create a Space when signing up:

  • Start the sign-up process from this registration page. To fill in the form, insert:
    - your first name and last name
    - your email address
    - your date of birth
    - a password for your WeSchool account
    PLEASE NOTE: you can also quickly sign up via Google or University registration

Then accept WeSchool’s Terms and Conditions. Click on Register to proceed.

  • In the following page, you can set up your first Space:
    - enter the Space name
    - customize the Space URL
    - select what you will do with your Space from the dropdown menu (i.e. Employ training, a online or hybrid course, ...)

PLEASE NOTE: k-12 Schools and universities can subscribe for a Free Plan to create their own Space on WeSchool. Learn more about subscribing for a Free Plan as an unregistred user

When the form is filled, click Save and Continue:

  • To complete your registration, you will have to insert a confirmation code to verify your account.
    A message with the code will be sent to the email address you’ve signed up with. Insert the code in this page and click on Confirm code button:

PLEASE NOTE: if you didn’t receive the code, please check your Spam folder. You can also ask to request to be sent another confirmation code.

  • Now you’ll be redirected to your first Space WeSchool 

NEXT STEPS: once the Space is set up, make sure you:

PLEASE NOTE: each new Space is on trial. Make sure to upgrade your plan to a paid plan within 14 days.

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