How can I navigate through Spaces and Groups

The left Sidebar enables you to navigate smoothly across all the Spaces and Groups you belong to. From there you can:

The Sidebar will always be visible and accessible on the left side of the screen to let you quickly jump to different Spaces or Groups.

View all of your Groups 

The Homepage displays all the Groups you are a member of, regardless of your role and the Space they belong to. To access the Homepage click on the Home Icon on the Sidebar:

From the Homepage, you can:

  • access a Group by clicking on its preview box
  • filter the Groups displayed based on your role (Learner or Instructor) by clicking on the “Filter by” dropdown menu on the left of the screen

PLEASE NOTE: the Homepage page shows Groups based on most recent access. At the top, you’ll see the most recently accessed. Keep scrolling to see the full list.

Navigate between Spaces 

The left Sidebar displays all the Spaces you belong to; to access each Space, click on the Space’s Logo:

Navigate the Groups within a single Space

When you click on the Space’s Logo, you’ll enter the Space Homepage: here you’ll find all the Groups that belong to the selected Space. Click on the preview to access the Group:

You can access a different Group using the Group Sidebar on the left as you navigate between Groups. Here you’ll find a list of all the Groups within the selected Space you belong to.
Just click on the Group name to quickly access it:

PLEASE NOTE: if the Group Sidebar is hidden, click on the arrow key ⇥ next to the Space’s name on the left to display the Group list:

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